Hot Keyboard Features

Various macro activation methods

Hot Keyboard can run your macro by a keypress, text short cut, scheduled time, upon a window appearance, on Windows startup or by a tap on a sensor screen. You can combine macro activations.

Paste text

Stop typing the same text again and again. Use macros to insert frequently used pieces of text into your message, documents and forms. Signatures, phone numbers, reply templates - no need to type manually anymore.


Exchange repetitive routine tasks to a macro. Record once and play as many times as needed. You can edit sequence, change speed, set repeat count and more.

Screen Capture

Make screen shots with a hot key or any macro activation method. Capture, draw figures, add comments, save to file, copy to clipboard or open with a favorite app. Different options are available to support both simple and advanced use.

Launch Application

Set hot keys to launch favorite apps. No more browsing menus or looking through the desktop searching for an icon.

Arrange windows

Work with opened windows fast. Arrange, move, send to another monitor and almost all other action available to manipulate windows.

Open website

Similar to app launch, you can open your favorite websites as quick as possible. Set different browser to open a particular URL. Chrome users may set to open web applications in a dedicated window.

Control your PC

Special macros are available to control sound, media player, network, lock/restart/shutdown Windows. Bring your regular tasks to a key press speed!

Search and replace

Enhance any application with search and replace capability. No matter whether application supports it or not. Hot Keyboard provides an advanced feature to work with texts. Regular expressions? Easy.


Powerful scripting allows to add special functions into your macros and build macro chains to execute and solve complex routine jobs. Let computer work instead of you!

Macro encryption

Protect sensitive macros with a password. It will result in physical encryption of the macro data with 128-bit AES algorithm. Longer password - better protection.

Share macros

Access macros from anywhere by keeping them on a cloud drive and get synced automatically. Work in a team? Set up Hot Keyboard Server and get macros availabe on the network with all that permissions and other stuff.

User reviews

Howard B.

I found Hot Keyboard to be the best available since SuperKey in the days of DOS.

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