Version 7.0.126

  • Added "Screen Capture" function. Use hot keys to select an area and copy to clipboard or save to file. Many options available.
  • Version 6.6.118

    • Added "Search macro" function to search for a macro or its content

    Version 6.5.117

    • Added option "Open as a desktop application" for Google Chrome to open websites in a dedicated window

    Version 6.5.115

    • Various bug fixed

    Version 6.5.114

    • Increased font size in dialogs

    Version 6.5.113

    • Increased main window text font size
    • Minor fixes

    Version 6.5.112

    • Added Screen Capture options: open in a editor/viewer, save to a file
    • Fixed import/export for macros protected with different passwords

    Version 6.5.110

    • Share macros, put them on a cloud drive and use from different computers.

    Version 6.2.108

    • Added IsKeyDown script function: run macro if a particular button held down

    Version 6.2.107

    • Scripts may have single-line comments (a comment starts with "//").
    • New scripting function "chr (code)" which converts codepoint to a string.
    • Four scripting functions were added (GetCursorXPos, GetCursorYPos, GetScreenPixel, MaxColorDiff).
    • MessageBox scripting function was improved.
    • Change default audio enpoint functionality was added to the sound volume macro.
    • Fixed ReadFile macro function offset setting.
    • Added "Balloon (Text, Length)" macro function.
    • Added script functions: GetCursorXPos, GetCursorYPos, GetScreenPixel, MaxColorDiff

    Version 6.2.106

    • Added script functions: GetCursorXPos, GetCursorYPos, GetScreenPixel, MaxColorDiff

    Version 6.1.103

    • Fixed baloon display issue on macro chain execution

    Version 6.1.100

    • Windows 10 optimized performance

    Version 6.0.99

    • Use "Delete" key on numpad and main keyboard in hotkey combination as different keys
    • Main window interface settings are saved and restored on startup

    Version 6.0.92

    • Quick Reminder is back - make reminders fast and don't miss a thing

    Version 6.0.87

    • Re-worked Record/Play macro with easy-to-use editor

    Version 5.3.79

    • New macro: Screen Capture. Allows to copy screen to the clipboard or file.

    Version 5.2.72

    • Windows 10 support

    Version 5.1.68

    • IPv6 support by Hot Keyboard and Hot Keyboard Server

    Version 5.0.65

    • Hot Keyboard Server support for sharing macros on the LAN

    Version 4.4.43

    • New activation type: screen tap (Windows 8, touch screens only)

    Version 4.3.40

    • Fixed screen issues on Windows 8

    Version 4.2.31

    • Windows 8 support
    • Bug fixes and improvements

    Version 4.0.25

    • Fixed bugs
    • Performance improvements

    Version 4.0.0

    • Improved User Interface: new and fresh
    • Main Window: macro tree contains info about macros such as hot keys, text shorctuts, action, etc
    • New macro: Manage Network Connection
    • Paste Text: Rich text formatting support
    • Open a file: choose a file, choose an application to open the file or leave default
    • Open web page: choose web browser to open a URL
    • Launch Application: choose from installed applications, no need to search for executables
    • Window Manipulations: added multiple display support, improved usability
    • Menu: enable/disable macros in a menu
    • Turn On/Off Hot Keyboard or macro group with a hot key press
    • Run macro by typing a text shortcut
    • Run macro when window pops up
    • Global hot key to add new macros quick
    • Added new scripting functions
    • CD Player - reincarnated in Media Player macro
    • Smart Add - removed
    • Hot Keyboard Server support - coming soon
    • Single master password. No multiple macro passwords possible anymore
    • Single Import/Export routine saves/restores both macros and settings.

    Version 3.3

    • Improved extended replace macro speed on large texts
    • Fixed rewind issue with Windows Media Player
    • Fixed small freeze opening disconnected network folders with "open a folder" macros
    • Removed extra password confirmation when importing password-protected macros
    • Some UI improvements
    • Small bugfixes

    Version 3.2

    • Hot Keyboard can be run from a flash drive without installation
    • Hot Keyboard automatically backups all macros at each start
    • Password manager page added to Setup Wizard
    • If Hot Keyboard cannot read its main macro file it used to start without macros, now an error message is displayed minimizing chances to lost your macros by an accident
    • Small fixes

    Version 3.1

    • Windows Vista compatibility.
    • Added Modify a variable macro type.
    • Added Control Windows Media Player macro type.
    • Setup Wizard improved - now it has many new useful predefined macros.
    • A macro can be dragged and dropped into any position in the macro tree allowing easy macros reordering.
    • Added possibility to check class and process name of the currently active window when executing a macro.
    • Added Extended Replace macro step-by-step viewer to allow easy debugging of such macros.
    • Added Extended Replace macro simple mode that converts Hot Keyboard into Extended Search-and-Replace tool for almost any application.
    • Reminder macro supports variables.

    Version 3.0

    • Windows XP 64 compatibility.
    • Added new macro type: variable.
    • Added new macro type: extended replace.
    • Hot Keyboard can protect macros with a password using 128 bit AES encryption algorithm.
    • Added editor of the Record/play macro sequence. (Now you can edit the sequence instead of re-recording it if you mistype a symbol.)
    • The Record/Play macro now supports multi-monitor systems. (Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows 98)
    • Added two new Window Manipulation subtypes: Send foreground window to back and Empty Recycle bin.
    • New command line parameter: -runmacrowait.
    • Hot Keyboard supports more than 4096 macros.
    • Rolling back to a previously installed version of Hot Keyboard is possible without any macro loss.
    • Some GUI improvements.
    • Small fixes.

    Version 2.8

    • Added new macro type ("Run another macro") which allows you to run any other selected macro.
    • The Backspace and Delete keys can be selected as hotkeys.
    • The Delay macro now allows to wait for one of several windows to appear.
    • A reminder macro cannot be accidentally deleted by a keypress in the reminder popup dialog.
    • The Paste macro text length limit of 32767 symbols removed (Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 only).
    • French version available!
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Minor GUI improvements.

    Version 2.7

    • Backup and restore features - the entire Hot Keyboard state (including user and network macros and Hot Keyboard settings) can be saved and loaded
    • Added some command line parameters
    • A macro can be run from the command line
    • Macros import improved
    • Fixed spontaneous keyboard layout change during the "Paste" macro

    Version 2.6

    • Hot Keyboard Live Update feature - Hot Keyboard can periodically check if new version is available!
    • The name of a Hot Keyboard translator is shown in the "About" dialog (for non-english versions)
    • "Pause/Resume" WinAmp command was changed to "Play/Pause/Resume" because many keyboards have the "Play/Pause" key
    • Added contents of the "My Documents" folder to Setup Wizard
    • The "Execute a program" macro was renamed to "Open a File"
    • Fixed: "Execute if..." condition now is considered when a macro is executed inside a menu
    • Fixed help problem (help might disappear)
    • Fixed: special keys does not perform its usual action when you are selecting them in a hotkey input field (e.g. when you are selecting the "Start Mail" key as a hotkey, it does not launches system default mailer)

    Version 2.5

    • Completely new Hot Keyboard Reference Card with four different view styles
    • Support of print preview of the Reference Card

    Version 2.4

    • Added balloon tips for some types of macros (for Windows 2000 and Windows XP only)
    • Hot Keyboard displays standard extended keys (like "Play", "Next track", etc.) correctly
    • Added Keyboard Layout Tool for naming keys which are specific for user's particular keyboard
    • Added German language
    • If a menu is set to execute all its macros instead of displaying them, such a menu can be executed from its parent menu like an usual macro
    • Fixed some insignificant bugs

    Version 2.3

    • $(clipboard), $(selection) and $(input:$selinput) special values added to the "Paste text", "Execute a program" and "Launch web browser" macros
    • Added possibility to specify the start-in folder in the "Execute a program" macro
    • The reminder macro can be deleted directly from the reminder dialog when it pops up
    • Negative window coordinates are allowed in the "Set window position" manipulation type of the "Window manipulation" macro
    • Small GUI improvements

    Version 2.2

    • $(input:) special value added to the "Paste text", "Execute a program" and "Launch web browser" macros.
    • Added Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional languages.
    • Fixed: macro schedule and reminder time are now correctly restored after Hot Keyboard restart.
    • Fixed: correct handling of the "Switch primary and secondary buttons" Windows option in the "Record/Play keystrokes" macro. Recorded macro always works the same way as when it was being recored regardless of the current mouse settings.

    Version 2.1

    • All macros in the menu can be executed in chain on a single hotkey press
    • "Delay" macro added (it is specially designed to be used in the macro chains)
    • Added support for Czech, Russian, Swedish and Turkish languages!
    • Added support for Winamp 3 and Winamp 5
    • Added full textual descriptions of the macros
    • Size of the main window is saved on exit and restored upon the start.

    Version 2.0

    • Windows XP support
    • Winamp control support
    • Mouse recording support
    • Autocompletion for macro titles, leave macro title empty to fill it with a default title
    • 'A'..'Z','1'..'9' order for menus as optional
    • Added repeat and speed options to "Play Recorded Keystrokes" action type
    • Menu title now displays menu name
    • It is possible to maximize main dialog
    • "Reminder" action improved
    • Fixed some SmartAdd issues
    • Fixed macro creation issue in "Shared Macros"
    • A lot of internal fixes and optimizations

    Version 1.8

    • Winkey support
    • Multimedia keyboards support
    • Fixed scheduler bug

    Version 1.77

    • New improved scheduler
    • 'Set Window Position' command to the 'Windows Manipulation' action, now you can arrange windows on desktop using hot keys
    • Option to add SmartAdd on menu creation for this menu
    • Fixed autoreplace and paste text problems under Windows 2000
    • Fixed minor bugs

    Version 1.6

    • Macro shares over the network (LAN or WAN)
    • Immediate updates of macro (when changed by creator) on all the computers connected to Hot Keyboard Server

    Version 1.5

    • Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer integration. Right-click on a file or a page to handle it with Hot Keyboard Pro!
    • SmartAdd macro type allows creation of macros with one click! No clicks to tray anymore!
    • Tray icon now indicates sound volume level and CD track number while changing them.
    • It is possible now to set multiple window titles to run (or not to run) individual macros in. Separate the different window titles with a semicolon ";".
    • Fixed problems on Windows 98 when a Menu called was not displayed correctly
    • Fixed problem with Windows 95/98 (macro size could not be larger than 26k)

    Version 1.4

    • Tray icon now indicates sound volume level and CD track number while changing them.
    • Reminder Action. Hot Keyboard Pro is now able to pop up your reminder messages at any times you choose.
    • Your desktop shortcuts in a handy menu. Right-click on the Hot Keyboard Pro icon in the system tray to bring up a menu with all your desktop items. Useful when you have many windows over your desktop.
    • 'Greedy' hot key handling option to intercept hot keys being used by another application
    • Activate the Screen Saver parameters directly using the Windows Manipulation action
    • Improved and Enlarged Editor
    • It is possible now to set multiple window titles to run (or do not run) macro in. Separate different titles with semicolon ";".
    • Fixed problems on Windows 98 when Menu called was not displayed correctly
    • Fixed several problems with accented characters

    Version 1.3

    • Paste during play mode. Another way of inserting text to emulate the pressing of Tab, Enter, Ctrl+Enter and custom key combinations
    • Now you can insert text files into your "Paste Text" macros
    • Distinguishes between the cursor controls and numbers on the Number Pad. Check this option to differentiate between these.
    • 'Open in a new window option' for 'Launch Web Browser' action
    • We added an enlarged Editor Window so you can type text more conveniently
    • We have made some improvements to the macro scheduler
    • Activate Specific Window. This option was added to 'Windows Manipulations' action to activate a window with specified title
    • Mute/Unmute. The Mute option in the 'Sound Volume' actions was changed to Mute/Unmute
    • When adding to 'Launch Web Browser' actions from IE favorites, the macro title is taken directly from that favorite's description
    • Ability to execute a macro from the Quick Reference Card by double clicking on it
    • Alt key was not recorded properly

    Version 1.2

    • Help | View Reference Card item. Now you are able to view and print a list of hot keys for future reference. You are also able to set a hot key in Configure | Options to show Reference Card
    • 'Execute Program' action now allows to switch between running new copy of program or activating existing
    • Option in Configure | Options to assign Upper Right button in the Main Dialog window frame (close button) to minimize Hot Keyboard Pro
    • Tutorial to demonstrate Hot Keyboard Pro's features. It runs on setup.
    • We have fixed several bugs appeared on Windows NT system.

    Version 1.1

    • Use Setup Wizard to create macros when installing Hot Keyboard Pro. Setup Wizard will scan your system to create a lot of useful macros for you.
    • 'CD Player' macro type to take control of your CD player from within ANY Windows application using hot keys. Play, pause, stop, next/previous track, fast forward, rewind, eject commands are supported.
    • 'Shutdown Windows' macro type to shutdown your system by pressing a hot key. A special "Force" mode to close all applications without saving data is included.
    • We have added a Tip Window in Hot Keyboard Pro dialog boxes. With this you can easily get context help by glancing at the Tip Window. You have the option of turning off the Tip Window when you become familiar with Hot Keyboard Pro