How to launch app, open website and mute sounds on Windows Startup


There are several apps and actions we want to launch on Windows startup:

  • Open Gmail as a web app.
  • Assign a drive letter to my Windows user folder (yes, I'm oldschool guy who prefers drive letters instead of digging into folder trees)
  • Mute sounds

Many applications provide a feature to open them when Windows starts, but above don't.


Hot Keyboard has an option to run a macro on Windows startup. We will create three macros, put them to a Hot Keyboard menu and set to execute this menu's items on Windows startup.

Launch macros on Windows startup



  1. Add a menu, let's name it "Windows Startup", and set two options:
    • Execute all child macros of this menu in series
    • Run macro by: Windows Startup, I set delay to 5 seconds to distribute initial load.
    Create a menu macro
  2. Add "Open web page" macro for Gmail:
    • Set Google Chrome as a browser (you can leave yours, but next option is availble for Chrome only)
    • Set "Open as desktop application" - so Gmail will run separately like a stand-alone app, and I don't have to switch between tabs to find it.
    Add Gmail as a desktop app macro
  3. Add "Launch application" macro to assign a drive letter
    • There is a Windows command "subst" that assigns a drive letter to a folder, so we put subst u: "c:\users\tyurin\"
    Add Gmail as a desktop app macro
  4. Add "Sound Volume control" macro to set sounds to zero level
    Set sound volumes to zero
  5. 5. Restart.