How to run website as a desktop application


Many web applications such as Google Docs open in a browser window, this makes difficult to switch between windows, especially when many tabs are opened in the browser.


Using Google Chrome's function "Run as a desktop applcation" we set a hot key to open a particular web app in a separate window, so it feels like a desktop application, and doesn't mix with browser tabs. Moreover, it displays as a separate icon on a taskbar.

Open website as desktop application with Hot Keyboard


Hot Keyboard 6.5.117 or above, Google Chrome


  1. You can skip this tutorial and download a sample macro file that open Google Sheets as a desktop app by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E keyboard shortcut.
  2. Create Open web page macro
  3. Set URL to
  4. Set Open to "Google Chrome"
  5. Tick "Open as desktop application"
  6. Set desired keyboard shortcut, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+E
  7. Click OK to save, and close Hot Keyboard
  8. Press Ctrl+Shift+E to test your macro
  9. Now it runs in a separate window, so you can switch to it without searching in browser tabs


  • You can change URL to particular document, so it opens first
  • Any website can be opened this way, not web apps only.