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macros for Windows

Automate Windows with macros
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Macros created in Hot Keyboard
Execute macros via
Turn macros on or offHot Key (Keyboard shortcut)
Execute macro with text shortcutText shortcut
Schedule macrosScheduler
Window popup activation typeWindow popup
Windows startup macro executionWindows Startup
Touch screen tapTouch Screen Tap (Windows 8/10)
Create macros and forget repetitive tasks!
Launch AppsLaunch favorite software applications
Insert TextInsert text into messages, documents, web forms, etc
Record PlayRecord/play keystrokes and mouse actions
Open FolderOpen folders including Control Panel, My Documents, etc
Open FileOpen documents you work often with. Works for almost any file type.
Open BookmarksOpen web links, and you can choose a browser to open each link.
Capture ScreenCapture screen to the clipboard or file.
Manage Network ConnectionsEnable/Disable/Establish/Disconnect network connections.
Control media playerTake control of media players (Windows Media Player and Winamp are supported)
Adjust window size and positionWindow Manipulations: resize window, move between displays, and more
Change sound volumesControl sound volume of PC or a particular sound device
Shutdown WindowsShutdown Windows, Log off, Hibernate, Stand by, and more
Replace text anywhereSearch and replace in any Windows App
Encrypt macrosEncrypt macro contents Create new macrosScripting Organize macrosOrganize macros Easy setupSetup Wizard Import ExportImport/Export macros

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