Top Features

Paste text

Insert frequently used pieces of text into your message, documents and forms. Signatures, phone numbers, reply templates - no need to type manually anymore.

Open website

Open websites you visit often, and you can select what browser to open particular URLs

Launch application

Launch favorite apps with a second

Share macros

Keep macros on a cloud drive to use on different computers.

Record/play keystrokes

Record keystrokes and mouse clicks. Hot Keyboard will play them back required number of times at a speed you set. Just sit and relax.

Encrypt sensitive data

Protect and encrypt sensitive macros. You can encrypt individual macros or groups. Once executed, you'll be asked for a password.

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Working in the field of software development since 1999, Imposant focuses on delivering security and productivity solutions for desktops and web.

Our experience is proven by years of successful development and thousands of satisfied customers. Imposant products combine flexibility and ease of use with industry-standard robustness you can rely on.

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