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John W

I have tried a few macro programs but Hot Keyboard is the friendliest and easiest to use that I have seen. I am lost without it, at work or at home.

Marianne Soucy, Goodwin and Associates

We use Hot Keyboard Pro every single day. It's a small, simple, easy program and saves me a great deal of time by giving me the ability to automate repetitive text and tasks. Worth every penny.

Omar Aguirre

This product works great with Autocad. I used to always type in commands before I got this program. Now, COPY, is just a keystroke away. Thanks, Hot Keyboard!

Steve Cadwallader

This is my favorite program and the one I always tell others about.

Robert Barner

I think it is a great program, very easy to use and the price is right for what you get.

Drew Anderson, Eaton Electrical, Eaton Corp.

Recently, a customer asked me to change his software configuration package in 84 different spots. To do so manually would have taken 1.5 to 2 hours. However, with the record keystrokes and mouse movement macro, I recorded the macro once and had the remaining 83 changes complete in less the five minutes.

Fred Bryan, Webmaster, Hospitality Inn Milwaukee, Wisconsin

During the creation of complex graphics for our website requiring repetitive manipulations of numerous images, Hot Keyboard automates the process with the result that we can save hours - or days - of effort.

Howard B.

I found Hot Keyboard to be the best available since SuperKey in the days of DOS.

Kevin Winters

I can now perform daily routines with Hot Keyboard and have them completed an hour before I arrive at work. This saves me time and allows me to work on more value added projects.


Great product. Love. Saves tons of tedious entry time.

Moira Praxedes

This tool has made my computer life so much easier!

Peter Ferris

Hot Keyboard Pro is by far the best product of its sort on the market. I use it personally and professionally and I can't say enough good things about it. Do not hesitate to purchase this if you have a need for repeating the same PC tasks over and over! Worth every single penny!

Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, London, UK

I have a US computer but live in the UK. I originally bought Hot Keyboard to solve the currency symbol hassles. What an eye opener! Everything about my computer is a breeze now - HK is my favourite utility software, ever.

Robert Stark

I am a big fan of the HK product. I am a software developer and appreciate it when I see practical solutions like HK. I've been using it for a year now, and within the first 2 weeks of using HK, the shortcuts become so ingrained and natural, that I've forgotten I'm using HK altogether as it just becomes a habit of using the shortcuts. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it may offer solutions to other needs.

John V Thorn Hart

I highly recommend Hot Keyboard to everyone who has a computer with a keyboard!

Kevin Pascual

Hot Keyboard changes the way you use a Windows PC. I have almost all common tasks assigned to hot keys. This is the first app I install to a new PC or laptop!

Jerry D Whittle, WCS

It is so good you never notice it.

Nicholas Jeffery

I could not live without HK. Makes repetitive keystrokes a thing of the past "easier".