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Portable version

Introduction of the initialization file allows Hot Keyboard to be run from a flash drive without installation on any computer.

Hot Keyboard has built-in feature allowing almost full automation of copying Hot Keyboard and your macros to the flash drive in two steps:

  1. Click the Settings -> Run from a flash drive menu item
  2. Select a folder on your flash drive where you want Hot Keyboard to be copied to.

Then Hot Keyboard copies the following files to the selected location:

  • HotKeyb.exe - the main executable file
  • Keyboards\KeyboardLayoutTool.exe - Hot Keyboard layout tool
  • Keyboards\default.txt - default Hot Keyboard layout
  • Keyboards\layout.txt - current Hot Keyboard layout
  • HkHook64.exe - support executable for 64 bit OS
  • HkbRes.dll, hkhook30.dll, HkHook64_30.dll - Hot Keyboard libraries
  • hotkeyb.chm - Hot Keyboard documentation
  • hk.ini - initialization file
  • hk_settings.ini - settings file
  • hotkeyb_3_2.data - macros file

When you insert this flash drive into a computer, all you need is to open the folder with Hot Keyboard and start the HotKeyb.exe application.


When running from a flash drive some Hot Keyboard functionality is not available. You won't be able to integrate Hot Keyboard into Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.