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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Hot Keyboard 4 support Hot Keyboard Server?
A: Yes, we are working on adding this support. Currently, you can download Hot Keyboard Network Suite in order to use Hot Keyboard on the network

Q: I have lost my Hot Keyboard Pro registration key. Now the program tells that is is expired. How can I get my registration key back?
A: Please, use our on-line form to retrieve your registration key in minutes.

Q: I have problems with some hot keys, I assign a hot key to the macro but it doesn't work.
A: First, try to switch 'Distinguish between arrows and numpad' option to the opposite state. Second, check the active application does not use these keys by itself.

Q: Some of the macros I have created aren't working on a regular basis. What should happen?
A: It seems you assigned macros to numpad keys. Check numlock status for such hot keys.

Q: Can I use Hot Keyboard Pro on a network, so all users get the same results for key presses?
A: Important: currently applies to Hot Keyboard 3.x onlyYes! With Hot Keyboard Pro 3.x Server you can share macros over a network (even the Internet). See the Network Support page for details.

Q: How can I hide the Hot Keyboard Pro icon in the tray?
A: Run Hot Keyboard Pro with the "-notray" parameter in the command line, for example "hotkeyb.exe -notray"

Q: When Hot Keyboard Pro is working in the background and I type in my text editor "abcd" I get "cd".
A: Check your "Text Shortcut" activated macros and see if "abcd" is on the list to be automatically replaced by something else.

Q: Can I run several macros by clicking one hot key?
A: Yes, simply assign a single hot key to several macros. They will be executed in order they are located in the macro tree.

Q: Does Hot Keyboard Pro support a "send email" action type?
A: Yes. Create the "Open a file" macro and specify "mailto:" and the recipient's e-mail address. For example: ""

Q: Can I use "Launch Web Browser" for FTP or Telnet?
A: It is possible to use the "Launch Web Browser" macro to open FTP, Telnet and other connections. When you create a macro, specify a standard URLs like "" or "telnet://" in the "URL to browse" text field of the Edit Macro dialog box.

Q: When Setup Wizard is re-run, will it delete all my previously created macros?
A: No. All your macros still remain. The Setup Wizard will simply add more macros to your existing macro tree.

Q: What is Hot Keyboard Pro's upgrade policy?
A: Some Hot Keyboard upgrades are free, but some aren't. This depends on which version you have and which version you would like to upgrade to. Please, go to our download page for more information.

Q: Is it possible to make variable substitutions in text macros?
A: Yes, Hot Keyboard supports special macro type - 'Variable' which defines a variable that can be used in the other macros later. Read about Scripting in Hot Keyboard

Q: It seems I can't get HK to remember more than 40 shortcuts/commands
A: There's a macro number limitation in the trial edition. The registered version has no limits. Please contact us if you believe you have a commercial version with limits.

Q: Can a key be deactivated on my keyboard?
A: Yes. Just create a macro that does nothing (e.g. empty Paste Text macro) and assign this macro to the key you want to disable.

Q: Can the "Sleep" key be used as a hotkey?
A: No, the "Wake", "Sleep" and "Power" keys cannot be choosen as hotkey or a part of a key combination for any macro.

Q: I have uninstalled Hot Keyboard, but it still loads at startup. What is wrong?
A: It is most likely that you had performed uninstall while Hot Keyboard was running, so the uninstaller could not delete some files. The best way to remove Hot Keyboard in this case is to install it back, quit from Hot Keyboard and uninstall it again.

Q: I have uninstalled Hot Keyboard, but I still see the "Assign Hot Key" Internet Explorer context menu item. How can I remove it?
A: If Hot Keyboard was installed by one user and later removed by another, the Internet Explorer context menu item remains for the first user. It this case it can be removed manually: open the Windows Registry Editor (Click the "Start" button, select "Run...", type in "regedit.exe" and press "Enter") and delete the following registry key: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\Assign &hot key". The menu item disappears when you restart Internet Explorer.

Q: I have a keyboard with extended keys, but Hot Keyboard does not recognize any (or some) of them. What can I do?
A: First of all, please make sure that you do not have any keyboard-specific program installed and you do not install the software that is shipped with your keyboard (such a software can intercept keystrokes, so Hot Keyboard will not catch them). Then, if your keyboard can be plugged into the "PS/2" port but is plugged into the "USB" port, try to connect it via PS/2. At last, you may need to configure your keyboard with Hot Keyboard Layout Tool.

Q: Where are the Hot Keyboard macros stored? I want to backup them and/or do anything else with them?
A: 4.0 and later: macros are stored in "Application Data\Hot Keyboard Pro" folder which might not be accessible, but there is "My Documents\Hot Keyboard Pro Automatic Backups" folder with daily macro backups. 3.0 - 3.3: "C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Hot Keyboard\" or similar. 1.0 - 2.8: registry entry: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\TB Labs\Hot Keyboard\<version>\Macro data", if amount of data is less than 10MB, otherwise see 3.0 - 3.3 location.

If you have an additional question, please send a message to our support team who will answer you as soon as possible.

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