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Create the first macro

Let's make a simple but useful first macro. This macro will help you type the greeting much faster.

Step 1

Double click on the Hot Keyboard icon in the System Tray (bottom right corner of your screen)

Hot Keyboard icon
to open the Main control window.
Hot Keyboard Main Dialog Window

Click the New macro button to create this macro.

Step 2

You should be seeing this window:

Hot Keyboard New Macro Dialog Window

Click the Paste Text button. The first macro we create intended to paste a piece of text into any application (where you can edit text of course)
Edit Macro
Now you can type in the text you want to paste into your documents. We chose "Hello, World!" text, just as an example.
Hello, World!

Click to the "Hot Key" field and press a desired hot key. For example:
+ T

Note: "plus" sign between keys means you have to push and release both keys at the same time. This is not about pressing the + key.

It will reflect in a field like this:

Hot Key Defenition

Leave other options as is, and click OK button

The created macro appears in the macro list.

New macro in list

Step 3

Now it's time to test how it works. Close Hot Keyboard window. Hot Keyboard stills working while it's icon is displayed in the Windows tray

Open Notepad

and press

+ T

The assigned text will appear:


Step 4. Optional

However, some macros can be created quicker. For example, to launch Notepad you have to visit Start menu and go through the Programs and Accessories menus. Let's do this again for the last time

Once you find Notepad application in the Start menu, right-click on it and choose Assign hot key

Assign a hot key

A new macro window will appear with almost all fields filled. You need to enter a desired hot key, for example: Ctrl + Alt + N

Click OK, and close Hot Keyboard window

From now on, press Ctrl + Alt + N on your keyboard to launch Notepad.

Step 5

Take a bit of time and define other types of macros to launch a web browser, execute a program, change the sound volume of your computer and others. The time you spend becoming familiar with Hot Keyboard is time well spent. After a short while it will surely become your favorite time saver!