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Macros and actions

What is a macro? - A macro is a set of commands to perform a task. Typically many commands are repetitive and monotonous. A macro lets you run these repetitive actions with a single keystroke.

What is an action? - Hot Keyboard defines an action as what gets done by one macro, such as "open a web page", "execute a program", "type text" and others.

Hot Keyboard lets you create macros of different action types and assign each macro to its own hot key so it can be executed quckly. In addition, each macro can be set to run automatically on its own schedule. Hot Keyboard provides a very flexible and powerful scheduler that you can use very much to your advantage

Once you create your macros Hot Keyboard hides itself in the system tray and works in the background. When you press a hot key to run one of your macros Hot Keyboard remains invisible while it performs the action you want.