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Organizing macros

The number of your macros will increase with your use of Hot Keyboard, and it will be convenient to organize them.

Macros can be grouped into "menus", called that because the macros in that grouping can be accessed easily from a pop-up menu. A macro menu is created just like any other macro except you give it the Menu action type.

Using macro menus gives you two great advantages:

1.You don't have to memorize each hotkey of your macros

2.A tremendous number of macros can be created

Once you've created a Menu you can put other macros into it like a file folder (including other Menus). This is how you make a Macro Tree.

It is possible to assign a hotkey to an individual macro in a menu. This allows you to choose whether you want to call that macro directly from its own hotkey or by selecting it from its menu.


You can move a macro in the Macro Tree by dragging it with the mouse, or using the Shift+Up/Down keys. To put a macro into a menu, move the macro over the menu name.

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