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Hot Keyboard provides different function types.

Special functions

GoTo <label>
	Works within "Evaluate Expression" macro only. Transfers the execution
	line to the one labeled with <label>. Does nothing in other cases.

SetVar (<$variable>, <value> [, <scope>])
	Sets value of the <$variable> variable to <value>. If <scope> is present
	and is non-zero, the variable value is saved on Hot Keyboard exit and
	loaded back on the next run.

iif ((<condition>), (<true-expr>), (<false-expr>))
	Evaluates <condition> and if the result is non-zero evaluates the
	<true-expr>	sub-expression or evaluates the <false-expr> otherwise.
	The unused sub-expression is not evaluated at all.


SetVar($msg, InputBox("Enter Email"))
iif ( (StrFind ($msg, "@") < 0), ( GoTo "label" ), (1) )

Arithmetic functions

Function	Description
ln (<x>)	Natural logarithm
lg (<x>)	Denary logarithm
abs (<x>)	Absolute value
sin (<x>)	Sine
cos (<x>)	Cosine
tan (<x>)	Tangent
exp (<x>)	Exponential
sqrt (<x>)	Square root
asin (<x>)	Inverse sine
acos (<x>)	Inverse cosine
atan (<x>)	Inverse tangent

time 	Returns current date and time as an integer number with resolution
	of one second.

String functions

	Returns clipboard contents (string).

	Returns currently selected text in an active application.

	Returns the currency symbols associated with the current
	user locale.

	Returns title of the currently active window.

PKKey (<modifiers>, <virtualKey>)
        Works for Paste Text macros in "Play keys" mode only.
	Returns special string that represents custom key combination
	for the play keys mode.
        Tip: You can create a custom key by using "Special key" -> "Custom key" 
             option in Paste Text macro parameters
 ${{ PKKey(00,08) }} - Backspace
 ${{ PKKey(01,09) }} - Shift+Tab

StrLen (<str>)
	Returns length (number) of the <str>.

StrLower (<str>)
	Returns lowercased <str>.

StrUpper (<str>)
	Returns uppercased <str>.

GetEnv (<var>)
	Returns value of the Windows Environment variable <var>.

GetFileDrive (<path>)
	Returns drive part of the <path>.

GetFileDir (<path>)
	Returns directory part of the <path>.

GetFileName (<path>)
	Returns file name part of the <path>.

GetFileExt (<path>)
	Returns file extension part of the <path>.

GetFileDriveDir (<path>)
	Returns drive and directory parts of the <path>.

GetFileNameExt (<path>)
	Returns file name and extension parts of the <path>.

MessageBox (<str>)
	Displays message box with the <str> text.

StrFind (<str>, <substr> [, <startPos>])
	Returns first position (number) of <substr> inside <str> starting
	from <startPos> character or -1 if <substr> is not found. If
	<startPos> is not given, the function starts from the beginning
	of <str>.

StrRFind (<str>, <ch>)
	Returns the last position (number) of the first character of <ch>
	inside <str> or -1 if the one was not found.

StrSubStr (<str>, <start> [, <len>])
	Returns substring of <str> starting from the position <start>
	and containing up to <len> characters. If <len> is omitted, the
	remainder of <str> is returned.

StrReplace (<str>, <src>, <dst>)
	Returns <str> with all occurrences of <src> replaced to <dst>.

ReMatch (<str>, <pattern>)
	Performs PCRE match of <str> against <pattern>. Returns number
	of sub-patters captured. Also sets the $0..$n variables.

FormatTime (<format> [, <time>])
	Formats time and date according to the <format> string. If <time>
	is not supplied, uses the current time and date.
          %x - default date format (long) 
          %#x - default date format (short) 
          %X - default time format 
          %d - day of month
          %m - month 
          %y - year (two digits) 
          %Y - year (four digits) 
          %H - hours (24h format) 
          %I - hours (12h format) 
          %M - minutes 
          %S - seconds 
          #  - this modifier is used to remove leading zeroes from digits (%#m, %#H, etc) 

${{ FormatTime ("%m-%d-%Y") }}
${{ FormatTime ("%x %X") }}

InputBox (<title> [, <value>])
	Displays input box with <title> title and allows user to input
	a string. If <value> is supplied, it is used as default value for
	the input box.
http://www.myshop.com/item.php?id=123&discount=${{ $discount }}

ReadFile (<fileName> [, <startPos> [, <length>]])
	Reads <length> bytes of the <fileName> file beginning from
	the <startPos> position. If <startPos> is omitted, the function
	reads file from the beginning. If <length> is omitted, the
	functions reads file up to the end. Returns string read.

        ${{ ReadFile ("c:\Users\username\Documents\prices.txt") }}


To get a ${{ SetVar( $discount, InputBox ("Enter Discount") ) }} 
discount, click the link below, the ${{ $discount }} is added to the 
purchase link:

http://www.myshop.com/item.php?id=123&discount=${{ $discount }}

Refer to the pricing of other items:

${{ ReadFile ("c:\Users\username\Documents\prices.txt") }}