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This macro is specially designed to be used inside the menu macro (look the Menu macro topic) to add delays between execution of other macros. Please note that this macro does nothing when you are executing it outside the macro chain (i.e. assigning a hotkey to it and pressing this hotkey).

Action Parameters:

Pause for - lets you set the delay time in seconds. You can use 0.1 - 0.9 to refer to the time periods less than a second.

Wait for the window with title - instructs the delay macro to wait for the appearance of a window with given title (or a part of title). If you want to wait until one of some desired windows appears, you can write more than one window title here and delimit them with the semicolon ";". Also, you can write a part of the each title, e.g. "Error;Confirmation;Question".

Usage ideas:

  • Use the delay macro to wait until the action started with the previous macro in the chain is completed before beginning a new action. This is useful when you are starting a new application (because you should wait until its main window appears before performing any actions with it), etc.