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Below you will find a reference of built-in scripting functions you may use in macros

Hot Keyboard can perform inline operations on macros content, modifying it before execution. Thus you can add date or time to Paste Text macro, append clipboard contents to the URL in Launch Web Browser and more.

Few examples

Here is the first example. Let's add date to the signature you insert with Paste Text macro:

Best regards
William Voikovich

Date: ${{ FormatTime ("%x") }}

the macro will result to the following piece of text:

Best regards
William Voikovich

Date: 04/19/12

Another example for Launch Web Browser macro:

https://www.myserver.com/?login=${{ InputBox ("Enter login:") }}

On execution, a window appears to ask for login name:

Once you enter a desired login name, Hot Keyboard launches the following URL:



${{ Function (params) }}
${{ $Variable }}
${{ Character }}
${{ Number }}

Function - the name of function, for the list of available functions refer to Scripting functions list

params - function parameters

$Variable - any scripting variable, as all variable in Hot Keyboard are global, you can use variable defined in other macros

Character - any character enclosed with quotes, use to insert special characters such as carriage return, tabulation, and so on ("\n", "\t")

Number - any number, while supported you can omit ${{ }} to add numbers

Important Note: if you have made a syntax mistake, macro will not be executed

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