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Data Types

Hot Keyboard scripting supports two types of data - string and number. String is a sequence of ANSI characters and number is a 64-bit IEEE floating point number (i.e. C++ "double" type). Scripting engine converts data from one type to another automatically when needed.

Strings must be enclosed in single or double quotes, e.g.:


and may contain the following special symbols:

	\n		(line feed)
	\r		(carriage return)
	\t		(tabulation)
	\\		(backslash itself)

Numbers can be represented in the following format:

	DDD		decimal integer number
	DDD.DDD	decimal fractional number
	.DDD	--//--
	0xHHH	hexadecimal integer number
        (-DDD)          negative decimal

Important Note - negative numbers must be enclosed in brackets:


iif ( (StrFind($msg, "abc") = (-1) ), ( GoTo "label1" ), (GoTo "label2") )


Paste Text macro to fill out web page login and password. In "Play keys" mode, tabulation and enter characters are simulated as key presses

Remember to password protect such macros

Call function to simulate Escape key press (works for Paste Text macro in "play keys" mode)

${{ PKKey (0, 27) }}

Returns first 100 characters of clipboard content

${{ StrSubStr (Clipboard, 0 , 100) }}

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